The Best Designed Archery Dampening System Only Bowjax products’ innovative patented designs and top-quality materials can deliver on the promise to be the Best Designed Archery Dampening System. Learn Why Innovation & Commitment Bowjax was founded in 2000 with a desire and commitment to bring to the archery world the best designed archery vibration dampening.The innovative design is both extremely efficient and effective. And to make them even more versatile, the Super Quad can be used in both 1/2-3/4 and 3/4 to 1-1/8 split limb spacings. Just rotate the dampener to the side with the correct spacing and push the dampener between the limbs until you feel it sit in the grooves that hold it in place.LimbSaver Camo Twistlox Split-Limb Dampeners 4-Pack When you’re in the field, nothing reveals your presence like a noisy bow. Keep concealed with the LimbSaver Camo Twistlox Split-Limb Dampeners 4-Pack so your prey will never know you’re coming.The bow/crossbow split limb Dampener from Allen is designed to drastically reduce bow noise and vibration. Fits most standard and wide limb bows, and can be mounted in two positions to fit the width of the split in your bow. To install, simply compress and angle the dampener to slide through the opening, then adjust to your prefered position.Gary Sims shows us how to properly install LimbSaver SuperQuads.This morning, the traditional British fog provided a slight dampener to proceedings and it was back into ‘The Beast’ – the name for their armoured car. His cavalcade of more than 10 vehicles, which is.Reduce vibration and unwanted noise on every shot from your trusty crossbow with limbsaver twistlox split limb Crossbow Vibration Dampeners. These easy-to-use vibration suppressors for split limb crossbows simply snap in between the crossbow’s limbs with no tools or special plastic bracket.It was a night of accolades and applause for British film stars. But tasteless jokes from two well-known comedians put a dampener on the country’s Golden Globes success. While Sacha Baron Cohen was.Bowjax Revelations Split Limb Dampeners (15/16") Trick out your bow while adding personalization.A result of extensive development & testing, Limbsaver TwistLox limb dampeners noticeably dampen noise and vibration when shooting your compound bow. installation is easier than ever! simply slide in, twist, and lock up for a snug and secure fit.