What should we look for in choosing a church home? These days people often look for a church in much the same way they choose a mall or restaurant. Many people look for adequate parking, great facilities, and exciting youth programs, but this, of course, is basing one’s choice on the wrong things.He exercises His headship in the local church through elders who are spiritually mature men, selected by God and recognized by the church, who through example and servant-hood shepherd His flock. Note one final thing: In 1 Timothy 3:1 Paul says that a man should aspire for and desire the office of overseer.Scott carrillo. scott carrillo has been an Internet Marketer for almost a decade now. His passion for helping people in all aspects of online marketing flows through in the expert industry coverage he provides.”All-powerful God. they returned to Lancaster County, and rejoined the Mennonite tradition of Malinda’s childhood, which is generally conservative on social issues, but more progressive on.Church of God members who have completed levels I and II of Lay Leadership Development are eligible to obtain Lay Minister Certification upon recommendation from the local pastor. After the member completes levels I and II, the local pastor may obtain a Lay Minister certification request form from the state office.I can tell you if you didn’t feel the spirit of the lord sunday night something was wrong cause it was all over that church I still can’t get my legs to stop dancing God is good All the time and all the time God is Fabulous that spirit was all over me and still haven’t shakin it yet Oh Lord is tomorrow Wednesday yet can’t wait And on a much serious note I have someone that needs a lot of extra.Outspoken Alabama. do they come out now and say that marriage, which is ordained by God, doesn’t mean what it’s always meant, between a man and woman?” moore asked. “Not between two men, two women,Connie Marsh. Connie Marsh is a social media and visual marketing specialist. She is sharing her experiences working day to day in the field of social media, marketing, and blogging.

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