This video,, can also be seen at are the easy ways to get backlinks from any website. 1. social Bookmarking Sites Bloggers use Social Bookmarking Sites in the past. It is one of the good techniques which promote your website and increase the traffic. People on those soc.It’s a free and easy way to get quality backlinks and also has guaranteed seo boost. But keep in mind that it should not be for backlinks only, users should benefit from your links, otherwise, this link can harm you the search engine. create links in such a way that it should be real and if.But buying a couple of backlinks won’t rank your page, nope it’s not that easy. You need to buy contextual relevant backlinks from high PR pages and i might add they need to be in large numbers. Try to avoid getting too many backlinks to your site over night because you will be blamed for spamming.I have provided the deep explanation of backlinks and I hope you will love to understand what backlinks are, why the backlinks are important to SEO and how to build high PR backlinks with an easy link building techniques. All the information provided here is researched on the net and for educational purpose.These types of backlinks can be a potential threat to your rankings. Here’s how you can do this in four easy steps: 1. Create an email with your request to remove a link. To increase your chances.Getting great, legitimate links is NOT easy. Deal with it. You need to think of different ways to acquire those backlinks. It’s not just by turning on a piece of software and just letting it run non-stop. Heck, even creating your own private networks isn’t easy, even if you are already in control of them.Now that we’ve touched on backlinks definition let’s have a quick look on the evolution of backlinks and how they are regarded today.. link building Then. Not so long time ago, it was a simple matter for a website to amass dozens of backlinks, sometimes even resorting to link farms and link pyramids.