And that’s why you need one hell of a high-quality mosquito net to cover your bed or sleeping bag area. Take my advice, if you are trying to figure out how to keep mosquitoes away at night, a mosquito net is the best way to go. View on Amazon View on REI Pro Tip #7 how to keep mosquitoes away Mosquito Repellent CandlesWhilst an ordinary mosquito net will protect a person from mosquito bites, the ITN and LLIN are much preferred as the chemical in the nets also kills the mosquito without harming the person underneath the net. Currently permethrin is the chemical most commonly used to treat mosquito nets, although new chemicals are constantly under development.This adjacent structure is made of see-through mesh that acts as a mosquito net and lets you lounge bug-free while. We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and.The mountain warehouse double bed sized mosquito Net is one of the best travel mosquito nets due to its compact size and lightweight fabric. It features anti-mosquito repellent that helps to prevent mosquitoes and other insects from getting in without the usual strong smell of insect repellent.We want to find out what diseases they. you know they’re working,” she said. The best protection is to take several measures such as wearing long sleeves, using repellent and sleeping with a.Hi Travelling Mitch, many thanks for your help, we ended up taking mosquito nets and a really good insect repellant with lots of deet, but yes you were right, no leeches but we did hear of some deaths through denge so we were careful going out at night. Thanks for all your help. We just loved Malaysia and had a fantastic time in Penang.The mosquito net is made of fibreglass strands, which according to its website, is vinyl coated, flexible and non-combustible which will not rust, rot, corrode, shrink, scratch or stain. We have installed mosquito nets on all the windows in our apartment, as well as on the sliding doors.The first time i carried a mosquito net which i used a whooping 2 times. The first 2 days. On my second trip i didn’t even bother bringing it. If you ask locals about malaria in 99% of the places, they literally start laughing at you. Also, most places simply don’t have a mosquito net over the bed.