This video,, can also be seen at a link to the Zenfolio site’s Client Access page. This link should be created and displayed on the other website. The clients can then use that link to go to the Client Access page in the Zenfolio site and use it to find their galleries in the Zenfolio account. · As you should expect, the mobile application is optimized for use on phones and other mobile devices like a tablet such as the iPad. It can be customized for each client gallery, and be provided in a simple download link on their phone.However, at a price of under $12 a month, using it solely for client proofing and presentation is worth considering too. Selling your prints and digital downloads would cost you addition % (from 6% to 12%), which is probably not the way to go if you’re doing a lot of printing or digital sales.Wedding and Engagement photography based in Fresno, CA. I define my photography style as more photojournalistic, I believe that a photographers job is to capture those very short lived expressions of emotion, I also work quietly and direct only when direction is needed, such as posing.This gallery is empty. travis goodin photo. contact | Client Galleries Powered by ZENFOLIO User Agreement. Cancel. Continue.Zenfolio for Client Proofing – My Workflow September 8, 2009 September 8, 2009 / Stephen J. Zeller Zenfolio is not only a great service for hosting your photos and allowing your clients to view and order prints, but they are also a really great way for clients to proof and select their images as training. tradeshow Training WIP Zenfolio Inc.Don’t forget about costs associated with digital files. Keep track of your expenses when it comes to hard drives, cloud storage and client gallery hosting. For clients that don’t want physical prints but need digital space, remember that you still have billable items. Because you’re an expert, you might have some ideas for cutting material costs. Clients will always appreciate your advice and it can be a.Remove the photos from the albums (experts recommend using dental floss), keeping them in the order. It is usually among the top three projects my clients want to accomplish: first and foremost, to.