Mobile SEO can help you to improve your rankings.. Here's the thing: your site should be mobile-friendly. In fact.. Fail to do this, and you might just show your desktop site to a. Before you start working on your mobile SEO, you should run a mobile usability test on Google to see where you should start.A candidate must request and pay for a separate test enrollment for each attempt to pass a test component of the safe mlo test. The candidate is subject to a waiting period of thirty (30) calendar days from the previous test date prior to retaking the test. After every third failed test, the candidate is subject to a waiting period of oneGoogle’s test site for mobile friendliness Google developers have created a mobile-friendly test site where you can paste your url into a field to test its mobile readiness. It will show you what it looks like on a smartphone, and you’ll get a report that says, "Awesome. · Website TechCrunch found that 44% of the Fortune 500 companies failed the mobile friendly test. Overall, "as many as 40% of top websites are not currently mobile-friendly," says Sterling.Yet, both Bing and Google mobile friendly tests don’t see the site correctly. It’s almost like they’re seeing the older cached version of the CSS, but they are seeing the meta/viewport tag. Though we’ve don’t see how that could be cached being that the site is just serving the latest version and it’s been weeks that we’re experiencing this problem.Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.But how can you work on each of these areas to help ensure your website keeps mobile users delighted and coming back?. and tablets) using seven mobile- friendly automated test tools.. Where should I put <script> tags in HTML markup ?. You can also do this with google closure tools, including the.Since /u/JohnMu is sometimes here, I wondered what "other error" is in the Mobile friendly test tool. The help documents imply that it's "URLs.

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